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Aberystwyth To Clarach Loop

Clarach To Aberystwyth WalkLength: 5 Miles

Time: 2 Hours

Difficulty: Medium

Start: Constitution Hill

Finish: Aberystwyth Town Centre

This fantastic walk takes you through tranquil woodland and open fields and gives you fantastic views across Aberystwyth and the Cardigan Bay coastline from a number of unique view points along the way.

1. From the base of Constitution Hill climb the winding stone path crossing the two lower bridges over the cliff railway until you reach the games room at the top of the hill on your right.
2. As the track splits follow the one to the rear of the games room as it bends sharply right.
3. After 30 seconds pass through the wooden gateway to your left and onto the road with fields on either side.
4. Before you reach the weather station go over the stile into the field to your left and follow the well trodden path past the weather station buildings.
5. Once beyond these buildings keep the remains of the old fence to your right and follow the track down into the bracken and bushes heading for the woods below.
6. Opon reaching the gate cross the stile and follow the main track straight down through the woods towards Clarach.
7. Where the track turns sharply left continue straight ahead on the smaller pathway until you reach a country road.
8. Follow the road down the hill until you see the path in front of you descending into the caravan park.
9. Follow the pathway and then bear left once inside the caravan park and carry straight on past 4 or 5 rows of caravans until you reach the river which seperates the park and the field opposite.
10. At the river follow the road to the right and then to the left as it leaves the caravan park and joins the main road into the village.
11. At the main road turn right and continue until you reach the next junction several hundred metres ahead.
12. At the junctions turn right and go past the church and over the small stone bridge and continue along the road as it begins to climb the hill.
13. After passing the entrance to Plas Cwmcynfelin to your left you will see a footpath climbing through the trees which you should follow until it emerges out onto the road.
14. Bear left along the road for around 100 metres until you see a large layby to your right with a stream running down the hillside.
15. Cross the road to the layby and take the steps to your left and follow the track through the woods and over the bridge as it bends round to the right.
16. When you reach a junction in the track bear left hugging the edge of the field until you reach the stile at the top of the path.
17. Cross the stile and walk through the field keeping to the left hand side until you cross the next stile.
18. Continue across this next field keeping to the right hand side and once you cross the top of the field head for the derelict farm buildings and through the next stile out onto the farm track.
19. Continue down the track keeping the golf course to your right until you reach a gate on your left with a signpost.
20. Go through the gate and follow the path along the edge of the golf course until you find a small stone step over the wall to your left.
21. Cross the wall into Penglais Nature Park and continue down the slope before taking the path to your right.
22. Continue to take the right hand trail as it winds through the woodland and out onto the old stone quarry above North Road in Aberystwyth.
23. After reaching the end of the path follow the road for a short distance up the hill and take the path signed ‘Gelli Anwen’ just beyond the three houses as it descends down to North Road.
24. From North Road head down Loveden Road and Portland Street back to Aberystwyth town centre.

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