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Flood Appeal Raises Over £80K For June Victims

The flood appeal launched in the wake of the Aberystwyth flooding which hit villages in June has raised over £80,000 in total for victims.

The council will start the hand out cheques to a total of 130 people of either £250 or £750 based upon a number of factors.

These cheques are to be handed out in a local ceremony, and the remaining monies totalling around £20,000 will be allocated to a project or donations in the near future.

The council had already allocated the time of staff and a number of related resources in order to deal with and administer the flood fund.

Many local people have kindly donated other items such as clothing and appliances to those affected, making the total raised somewhat higher than the £105,000 received in monies alone.

The generosity of people has shown a real community spirit within the area that makes you proud to be part of our local community and I am sure that there are many grateful families out there whose lives have been made that little bit better thanks to the kindness of others.

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