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Prince Charles To Visit Flood Victims

After making a donation to victims of the floods in Ceredigion last week Prince Charles will be coming to Aberystwyth to visit flood victims and meet with emergency service teams involved in the rescue and clean up.

The prince along with wife Camilla will attend Ceredigion Council offices to meet crews from around the area along with a large number of volunteers who have showed their community spirit by getting involved in flood relief efforts too.

The visit comes as part of the couples official summer tour of Wales, and although many people appreciate the interest the royal couple have shown in the aftermath of the flooding it will do little in terms of rebuilding the lives of local people who lost their homes and posessions.

The donation made by Prince Charles to the council’s flood fund will however go some way towards helping local people. Some recently found out that they could be kept out of their homes for up to nine months as they wait for them to dry out and then make repairs to the properties.

Last week Charles visited the Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge, the town which played home to Last Of The Summer Wine, which also saw severe flooding a few weeks after that seen in Mid Wales.

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