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Lack Of Any Decent News Sees Damaged Tree Make This Weeks Headlines

The sun is finally shining, tourists are arriving and people are donning their swim wear and heading for the sea here in Aberystwyth this week.

However despite all these positive signs for the local economy after the recent bad weather and floods a lack of goings on this week has led to a decapitated tree making this weeks news in Aber!

The unfortunate victim was involved in a savage accident which saw a skip lorry driver mercilously damage a branch with his lorry, leading to council officials deaming the whole tree to be structurally unsound.

In light of this assessment by council officials the tree was then left as no more than a stump opposite Scholars on Queens Road, but don’t let that worry any eco warriors among us calling for the driver to be incarcerated as a local councillor has demanded that the company operating the lorry replace the tree with one of similar size and age.

Unfortunately the Lime tree in question declined to comment on the grounds that it can’t speak a word of the Queen’s, and the driver was also in counselling when we attempted to make contact for an exclusive.

I’ve tried to make this ‘news’ as exciting as possible for anyone who should happen upon it by chance, but unfortunately it’s just not news. However it does make me glad that I live in a place where this is one of the weeks major ‘incidents’!

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