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Freshers Arrive In Aberystwyth For New Academic Year

Aberystwyth University Freshers Week 2012It’s that time of year again!

The summer that never was has passed and the tourists have gone home save for a few weekend trips to the caravan and October half term and the students are back in town once again.

Not quite the student basher myself having being one in Aberystwyth a few years ago I like to think they provide a huge social and economic benefit to the town, but I do wish they’d treat it with a bit more respect!

That is not to say that holiday revellers and even local people sometimes fail to appreciate the wonderful surroundings and atmosphere we are so lucky to share in this part of the world, but I’m afraid to say that things like rubbish on the beach from fires, and cracked windows in the town centre do appear more frequently when students are in town.

That is also not to say that I am tarring all students with the same brush. As I said I was a student here too.

Aberystwyth is such a friendly place, and we all benefit when people go out and enjoy our Purple Flag winning night time economy but please remember a few simple things to keep it that way.

  • Enjoy the beach long into the night, but take ALL your rubbish home. Children have cut themselves on broken glass before now and it’s just not on.
  • Play your pub golf well beyond the 19th hole, but when you’re finished don’t wake up the families with young kids and the elderly people who live on the streets near the pubs by singing like an X Factor reject on your way home.
  • Make your arguments intellectual, as drunken ones end in fights and cracked shop windows.
  • When your Mum used to make dinner and said ‘Too much is better than too little’ bear in mind that it does not apply to alcohol. Too much just turns you in to a word that I dare not publish. You also spend extra on washing machine usage getting the sick stains out of your top.
  • Most of all enjoy your time here and remember that just like everyone else you are welcome here, but please don’t turn us into a town like every other on a Saturday night. We’re happy just the way we are thanks!

But in all seriousness the student influx is a huge boost for the town and adds much to the culture and vibrancy of Aberystwyth so welcome back students!

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