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Aberystwyth Guide Aberystwyth has a wealth of things to see and do!

There is something here for everyone, all you need to do is find it.

And to help you find that something, here is our handy guide to the things to see and do in and around Aberystwyth.

Relax In The Sun On Our Clean, Unspoilt Ceredigion Beaches

Led Zeppelin Connection:
Explore Abers’ Connections With The Famous Rockers!

Museums & Art:
For The Cultured Among Us

Places Of Interest:
Places Of Historical Importance And Natural Beauty

Sports And Leisure:
Greats Ways To Spend Your Time While You’re Here

Theatre & Cinema:
Where For Art Thou, Aberystwyth…

Have we missed something out? What’s your favourite thing to do in Aberystwyth?

Why not get in touch and we’ll add it to the site!

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