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Sport & Leisure

activity guide Aberystwyth has an excellent range facilities within the town along with its superb surrounding countryside which supports all kinds of sports and leisure activities.

For a guide to anything and everything that is sports and leisure related in Aberystwyth, why not find something below that takes your interest?

Canoe & Kayak:
There’s Plenty Of Places To Get Wet!

Clubs & Societies:
Great Places To Meet Like Minded People And Have Fun Too

Routes For Families And Enthusiasts Alike

Extreme Sports:
For BMX, Blades and Skateboarders

For Great Sea Fishing & Coarse Fishing In The Area

Parks And Open Spaces:
Places For All The Family To Enjoy

Plascrug Leisure Centre:
Aberystwyth’s Local Leisure Centre

For Those Sea Side Thrill Seakers

Walking In Aberystwyth:
Get Those Boots On! Its The Best Way To See The Area…

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