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Skate spots AberystwythA section for any Skateboarders, Bladers and BMX’ers in the ranks.

Aberystwyth does have a small number of decent spots for you to hone your skills (or just fall off repeatedly).

There are also a couple of skate parks in Ceredigion, which you will find listed below.

Skate Parks:

1. Aberystwyth Skatepark:
Metal Ramps Make Wet Weather A Real No No!

2. Cardigan Skatepark:

An excellent concrete skatepark on the outskirts of Cardigan, with quarter pipes, rails, drops, banks and much more. For more information on this park please search .

3. Tywyn Skatepark:

A nice little park with a mini ramp, fun box, quarter pipes, banks and rails. Tywyn is located to the north of Aberystwyth, near Aberdyfi. .

Session Spots:

1. Under Trefechan Bridge:

A kerb and steeped bank combination protected from the rain by the Trefechan Bridge. The pavement is smooth, the road isn’t too bad. There is also a manual pad and a ledge which goes round two sides of the sewage cleaning station. For an even bigger edge make your way around the far side of the sewage station to the harbour. The riverside wall is also there for the adventurous among you. Try clearing the gap from the wall to the road (which also includes a 5 foot drop). .

2. The Harbour Bank:

At the far end of Aberystwyth Harbour you’ll find a huge bank which heads straight for the water. Just remember, and tricks you pull off here, you best put the brakes on fast! .

3. St Padarns School:

One for the weekends! A perfectly smooth school playground, with smooth curves for slides and flip tricks. Just watch out for the fence! .

4. Penweddig High School:

Another one for the weekend! Kerbs, steps, grass gaps and smooth surfaces cover the outsides of this Aberystwyth secondary school. Just watch out for any traffic coming to use the leisure centre! .

5. Penglais Campus:

So many options are available to explore here. Its best to head out in the evening when it gets quiet, or else you’ll be knocking people down left, right and centre. .

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