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The Bay To Become Premier Inn

Premier Inn AberystwythThe Bay Hotel in Aberystwyth has become a bit of an eyesore on the seafront in recent years after closing in 2009.

Recently the current owners Brain’s Brewery were taken to task by the council for letting the condition of the buildings exterior fall into disrepair, and earlier this year the council announced that they would like to see the site redeveloped along with Bath Street carpark to the rear.

This week the outcome of the bidding process has seen the council pick its development of choice.

The project, led by Opus Land Ltd will see a 63 room Premier Inn on the site with a seperate restaurant and pub also being created. Some of this development should see the refurbishment of current building stock with some new structures also being erected.

Although this is good news for the aesthetics of the town’s sea front it is probably not such welcome news for the variety of family run hotels in the town, many of whom are still feeling the on going effects of the poor summer weather. The Premier Inn will also be going into competition with the new chain hotel which is to be built along with a Marston’s Pub by the new Council Offices.

There has also yet to be a confirmed completion time, and it remains to be seen just how quickly things will progress.

With the council so keen on turning the promenade which is one of our beautiful town’s best assets into an area for al fresco dining, are we to assume that the bar and restaurant will be located at the front on the building. Or will the colour of Premier Inn’s money make them change their minds, as sea views are a must for any hotel by the Prom!

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