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Aberystwyth Chamber Of Commerce

aberystwyth chamber of commerceAberystwyth Chamber Of Commerce is an organisation made up of local businesses who together are a prominent voice within the community, and represent the business interests of North Ceredigion as a whole.

Members come from a wide range of businesses, large or small and all are encouraged to join in order to lend their support to local business and get their voice heard.

Benefits to members include:

1. Marketing and PR Opportunities:

You have greater access to local magazine advertising through the chamber, along with the chamber website itself. This also includes access to local business training organisations.

2. Representation and Lobbying:

Aberystwyth is stronger when it is united! And by joining the chamber you become an important part of a united front of local business people, who have more power and a louder voice than if they were working apart.

3. Networking Opportunities:

Every second Wednesday of the month gives you the opportunity to meet other local business people, to share ideas and swap stories. You’d be amazed how important these new relationships can be in business!

4. Encouraging Tourism:

Like Everything Aberystwyth works online, the chamber also supports local business by publishing a tourism guide on a yearly basis encouraging people to visit, and hopefully return to Aberystwyth! More tourists means more money for the local economy!

For more information and the chance to join this fantastic organisation please see their .

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