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Aberystwyth Civic Society

aberystwyth muralsAberystwyth Civic Society is a long established historical group based in Aberystwyth.

The group has erected several plaques around the town, offering passers by information on the rich historical past of which ever location in Aberystwyth it may be.

The society has a number of aims, which are as follows:

1. To promote civic pride within the Aberystwyth community.

2. To ensure the preservation and improvement of local historical sites and public amenities.

3. To push for higher standards of planning and architecture in future building projects.

The society meets on the second Wednesday of every other month in the Ceredigion Museum lecture room at 19:30.

Society membership costs £5 per year, whereas those visiting for a one off lecture are asked to donate £1.50 to help cover costs.

For more information on their programme of events, and to get in contact with the Aberystwyth Civic Society please see their website.

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