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Aberystwyth Cricket Club

Aberystwyth Cricket ClubAberystwyth’s first ever cricket club was formed back in 1830, and has since been reincarnated a number of times.

The present day club still plays the same traditional game of cricket that all the others have played over the year, but it owns its own ground at The Geufron.

The clubs trains on a weekly basis, every Wednesday between 6pm and 7:30 pm.

The club has a number of teams including two senior teams along with an under 11′s, 13′s and 15′s who all compete in various levels of the West Wales Conference leagues.

Aberystwyth cricket club are always looking for new players at all levels, and those interested are asked to contact a member of the committee, details of whom can be found on their website.

Please direct any telephone enquiries to 01970 626490.

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