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Aberystwyth Facts Did you know……

Rock band Led Zeppelin used to do impromptu jam sessions on Aberystwyth bandstand.

In fact Mid Wales is a holy grail to Led Zeppelin fans across the globe.

In 1970 the band relocated to a cottage near Machynlleth to write the album Led Zeppelin III.

The area became a special place for Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, and they also filmed the fishing boat scene for The Song Remains The Same during the Rain Song in the waters between Aberystwyth and Ynyslas.

In fact huge parts of the film were shot across various parts of Mid Wales.

Both Plant and Page now have homes in the area.

For more information on Aberystwyth’s Led Zeppelin connection please click here

[googleMap name="Aberystwyth Bandstand" width="500" height="350"]Aberystwyth Bandstand, SY23 2AZ[/googleMap]

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