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San Francisco Style Aberystwyth?

aberystwyth tramMulti million pound plans have been put before Aberystwyth Town Council for an eco friendly tram line in Aberystwyth.

‘The Light Railway Solution For Aberystwyth’ was presented by Liverpool based company Tram Power.

Tram Power have already presented similar schemes to other cities including Preston and Leeds.

The proposed eco friendly plans, which would see a tram line running down Penglais Hill to the town centre from Waun Fawr, before splitting off to Llanbadarn Fawr would see Aberystwyth turned into the San Francisco of the British Isles.

However, at a cost of £8 million per kilometre, the scheme would require a huge investment of £66 million for a double track tram line, or £35 million for a single track line.

The development has been proposed as a way of bringing Aberystwyth out of recession, and would provide a large number of construction jobs, along with a number of jobs for operating staff upon completion.

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