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Borth To Talybont Circular Walk

Borth to Talbont Circular Walking RouteLength: 8 Miles

Time: 3.5 Hours

Difficulty: Medium

Start: Borth RNLI

Finish: Borth RNLI

This lovely walk crosses open coutryside and farmland which connects the villages of Borth and Talybont further inland before looping back through beautiful woodlands which rise above the bank of the River Leri which works its way down from the Cambrian Mountains into the Dyfi estuary at Ynyslas.

1. From Borth RNLI head into the village with the sea on your left, and turn right at the signs for the Animalarium after around 400 yards.
2. Follow the road over the railway and bear left with the river straight after the Animalarium, and pass through the gate following the river.
3. After around 300 yards cross the bridge to your right and bear immediately left heading for the stile.
4. Cross the stile into the field and hug the right hand edge, passing through the gate into the next field and out onto the road through another gate a short distance ahead.
5. On the road bear left as it rises to a gate. Pass through the gate and follow the road until you reach the farmhouse.
6. Upon reaching the farmhouse take the lower left track through the gate and into the field, hugging the right side of the field.
7. Follow the track through another gateway until you reach a farmhouse through a gateway to your left.
8. Pass through the farmyard via the gates and the follow the right hand track past the farm house onto a country road. After passing through a further gate in the road follow it as it bends sharply to the right until you reach a crossroads.
9. At the crossroads bear left and continue along the road until you see a gate into a field on your right which is bordered by trees.
10. Go through the gate and then over the next gateway in the fence to your left.
11. Ford the stream through the trees and head straight up the hill and across the field for the gate to the left of the houses in front of you.
12. Back on the road bear left and follow the road before bearing left again at the crossroads before turning right at the signpost for Talybont.
13. Follow the road down the Talybont village and once at the main road turn right until you reach the village green and two pubs on your left hand side at the bottom of the hill. This is a great point at which to relax if you need to!
14. After passing the pub take the road immediately to your right (Ceulan Terrace) and follow up the slope until you pass through a gate into the woodlands.
15. Turn left after going through the gate and continue to follow the main forestry commission road with the river Leri running below to your left hand side until you reach a gateway into a field at the end of the woodland.
16. Go straight through into the field and hug the left hand side until you rise up a small hill and see the abandoned farm Frongoch to your right.
17. Head through the centre of the farm buildings and then bear left along the edge of the ruins heading down the slope towards the caravan park.
18. Cross the bridge into the caravan park and then bear slightly to the left heading for the small cottage like laundry building.
19. Head straight behind the laundry block to the left hand side and follow the track to the right along the small stream and up into the field through a wooden gate.
20. Head straight on to the stile in front of you, and then continue to follow the unmarked but visible trail along the lower edge of the field until you reach another caravan park.
21. Head down the steps and follow the pathway which hugs a private garden and pond on your left and continue straight on to the road.
22. Bear right and then left again at the top of the village by the welcome sign and follow the road for several hundred yards, passing the original Rachel’s Dairy farmhouse on your right.
23. Follow the road around to the left onto the small track which then crosses a bridge over the river Leri.
24. From here turn right and follow the track at the side of the river to the Animalarium, and the continue straight on along the road to the main street.
25. From here bear left until you reach your starting point at Borth RNLI.

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