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5 Top Tips To Help You Pass Your Exams In Aber

exams aberystwythNow there are some of us who profess to be great in exams.

However, for the majority of us the mere word exam brings feelings of insecurity, worry and dread.

Well, I thought I’d share a bit of advice on what things helped me during my time at Aberystwyth University to deal with those dreaded exams.

1. Past Papers:

The more you know about your exam paper, the better you will do. It is a simple fact, and although looking back at past papers won’t tell you exactly what the questions will be, it will help you to become acustomed with the format of the exam, and will help you spot patterns.

You will probably find that the types of questions asked are fixed, and that they expect a particular format of answer. Once you know what kind of answer structure the exam requires, all you need to do is tailor your knowledge to that structure.

Every department at Aberystwyth hosts online test papers, so find out where they are and get to work spotting patterns!

2. Know How You Learn:

Different people learn in different ways.

Luckily I’ve always found that I learn simply by reading my notes over and over again but this admittedly doesn’t work for everyone. Some people are much more adept at learning by doing, and actively engaging in practical activities such as test papers.

Most secondary schools and colleges will at some point test you to see what methods of learning you best respond to. However, if the constant battle with late nights and early morning lectures has somewhat clouded your memory you can always do the test again .

Once you know what works to you, use it.

3. Give Yourself Time (And Credit):

The last thing any self respecting student wants to do is sit indoors on their own cramming from piles of library borrowed text books and stacks of old notes.

However, you’ve got to be honest with yourself and remember that a plenty of effort well in advance, will make a huge difference later. The one exam where I went in fully confident that I knew everything without needing to revise cost me a 1st class honours degree and I regret it up to this day because I barely passed two of the three questions.

And when you’ve done your cramming, which started well in advance of your exam make sure you give yourself the credit you deserve. Let your hair down, go for a few drinks and a takeaway because you have earned it and you’ll know in your heart of hearst that you’ve done the best you could.

4. Know When To Stop:

A sure fire way to go into any exam worrying is to keep revising right up until the last second.

Calm yourself down with a couple of hours to go. Go for a walk, stop for a coffee and try to forget about all your exam worries (but not your revision) so that when you walk into that exam room in an hours time you’ve had some time to relax.

And we all know that students love to stand outside the exam halls, with cries of “I haven’t done any work for this exam, but I’m not bothered” and “My mate in 3rd year said this is a bad one” but you can guarantee that these are the very people who have been doing plenty of work, and just lack the confidence to show it.

The best thing you can do is relax, avoid the queues and block out all that pre exam nervous bravado, and just remember this isn’t about them, it’s all about you.

5. Eat Two Banannas:

This might sound like an odd suggestion, as we all know students and healthy foods don’t go together.

However, a lecturer once told me that banannas are a great source of potassium, and that potassium is great for calming you down and helping with those pre exam nerves. I have used this technique before exams and job interviews and I am telling you that it works.

Now one standard size bananna doesn’t quite have enough potassium, hence the need for two. I am in no way connected with Chiquita or Del Monte, and this is not a sales pitch, you just need to trust me that it works.

This is in no way an exhaustive list of techniques, and everyone is different and responds in different ways. But if you just try incorporating some of these into your pre exam routine I know that they will help you.

And if you’re really not an exams person, don’t forget just how many marks you can make up on your coursework to help compensate for this. If you’ve got 4 weeks to do a piece of work, then you’ve got time to make it so good that you squeeze every possible mark you can out of it.

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