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Fishing – Borth Beach

Fishing Borth Borth beach is a wonderful expanse of golden sands stretching for around 3 miles all the way to the Dyfi Estuary.

It is also an excellent fishing spot (as long as the weather is nice!).

From here you can expect to catch dogfish and flatfish, and the occasional wandering sea bass if you’re closer to the rocks.

Tope have also been caught in and around the area, although more often than not when fishing from a boat.

During the summer months for an hour each evening shoals of mackerel come close to shore and can be caught by those with a long enough line, and a strong enough cast.

Best fishing time tends to be at sunset, or when the tide is on its way back up the beach, bringing the fish in to feed on sand dwelling animals.

For information on tide tables click

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