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aberystwyth unicycle recordDid you know…..

The world record for the longest distance covered in 24 hours by unicycle was set in Aberystwyth.

Aberystwyth University student Sam Wakeling holds the record, for the distance he covered on the Aberystwyth University running track.

On 29th September 2007 Sam, who was regularly seen going down Penglais Hill on his unicycle set out on a 24 hour long journey around the university running track.

In that time he managed a total of 1141 laps, smashing the world record a mere 20 hours into his 24 hour long one wheeled crusade.

Sam covered a total of 282.1 miles (454KM) which eaisly surpassed the previous record set in New Zealand by Ken Looi who cycled a total of 235.3 miles (378.7KM).

Sam has also unicycled from Manchester to Aberystwyth, and is at present still the world record holder.

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