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South Beach Aberystwyth

aberystwyth guide Aberystwyth’s south beach is located away from the town centre, between the castle and the harbour.

Popular with everyone from surfers to sunbathers, this beach is for those who wish to be a bit further away from the hustle and bustle which is to be found closer to the town centre and north beach.

Again, with a mix of small pebbles and stones, this is not a beach for building sand sculptures!

Experienced surfers enjoy the waves created by the reef which lies under the sea at the harbour end of the beach.

The beach is also manned with lifeguards during the summer holidays.

Those wishing to fish may find it better to do so from the end of the harbour pier, or the lighthouse on the opposite side, where flatfish, sea bass and crabs to name but a few are in plentyful supply.

For more information on tide tables please click .

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