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Several Jobs Lost As PR Firm Goes Under

Strata Matrix LiquidationAberystwyth based PR firm Strata Matrix has gone into liquidation with the loss of several jobs.

The firm had offices on North Parade in Aberystwyth, and also in Cardiff.

In total it employed 12 staff across the two locations, all of whom are now without jobs.

Strata Matrix was set up in 1979 in Aberystwyth by Wyn Melville Jones.

The firm was the first bilingual PR business in Wales, and catered for both Welsh and English language projects, something which had previously been neglected.

After seeing very almost immediate success, the firm opened its second office in Cardiff whilst merging with Cardiff based firm ‘Matrix’ as it continued to expand, picking up a number of prestigious clients on the way.

Mr Melville Jones mentioned in an interview that although the company had successfully come out of previous recessions since its formation, this particular recession has had a much greater effect on the economy as a whole, and many of the companies customers have had to cut their budgets, leading to a downturn in business for the firm which only last year saw its 30th anniversary.

It is another blow to the local economy in Aberystwyth, and we all hope that the local jobs market picks up soon so that more people can find relevant work.

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