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Aberystwyth Skatepark

Aberystwyth SkateparkAberystwyth skatepark is a compact but reasonably well laid out collection of metal ramps and rails set down by the rivers edge.

Located about half way along Boulevard Saint-Brieuc, before you reach the Ceredigion County Council offices, it is popular with both locals and students.

Unlike most other towns, the place is not constantly frequented with ‘troublemakers’ who have no interest in extreme sports.

The park includes the following:

1. A small halfpipe, with a stepped up section at one side. The pipe is great for lip tricks and slides, and because of its size it is great for those of you who want to try something new, without the fear of falling 15 feet down to the floor. The stepped section also provides something a bit different if you want to try any air to lip tricks.

2. A double barrelled rail, which is about 2.5 metres in length. The rail is flat, and no more than 2/3 of a foot off the floor, but it will suffice for any grinds and slides you may want to try.

3. A kicker ramp, which is around half a metre in height. The run up is a little on the short side, but it,s decent enough for some flip tricks, or clearing a couple of random objects like trolleys.

4. Two quarter pipes and a box, set out in a linear run. With one small and one large quarter pipe for lip tricks, airs and building up speed, the steel box in the middle of this run features a curved lip, flat bank and rail running from end to end. The box is good for airs, flips, lip tricks, manuals and you can get inventive with slides on the metal.

There is also a small seating area which is covered overhead. However, the metal ramps are a nightmare in the wet!

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