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Trawsgoed Sees Record Rainfall In June

Record Rainfall UK JuneAfter a June which saw flash floods across this part of Ceredigion it will come as no suprise that a number of places across Wales have recorded their highest ever level of rainfall for the month of June this year.

These places include the village of Trawsgoed in the Ystwyth Valley which this June saw 184mm of rain, although across Wales as a whole 186mm fell on average which is approximately double the usual level for this time of year.

With the jet stream in the atmosphere still lingering across the UK rather than its usual position further North it is forecast that this wet and unpredictable weather is likely to continue for some weeks although hopefully we won’t be seeing anything quite like the scenes we saw in early June.

The wettest place in Wales last month was actually Capel Curig which saw 316mm of rain fall in and around the upper Conwy valley in Gwynedd.

Unfortunately this record rainfall and prolonged bad weather comes at a time when what the Aberystwyth area needs is a return to normality followed by the summer tourism boom although this may not be the case. The weather also puts a bit of a dark cloud over the decision by the Welsh Government to cut its flood defence budget by several million pounds in the very near future which may put communities like ours at risk of further devastation.

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