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Walking – Aberystwyth To Borth

Walking Aberystwyth Cliff Path Length: 6.5 Miles

Time: 3 Hours

Start: Constitution Hill, Aberystwyth

Finish: Lifeboat Station, Borth

Rating: Medium to Hard Going

1. Starting at the top of Constitution Hill, head north on the path to the left of the old cafe, following the cliff edge.
2. Follow the path as it descends into Clarach Bay, hugging the tree line to the left, and ocean to the right.
3. When the path meets the road at Clarach, follow the road to the left, along the sea front and past the small themepark.
4. Continue over the wooden bridge, and straight on past the caravan site swimming pool, and follow the path up the cliff, following the ocean.
5. Keep to the path for around 30 minutes, until you descend into Wallog Bay, which is eaisly recognisable by the distinct spit of stones heading out to sea.
6. From Wallog follow the path round the house, and cross the bridge over the stream into the field.
7. Follow the edge of the field, and carry on up the cliff path for 1 – 1.5 hours (depending on your fitness) until you finally drop down to a small bay, with Borth in the distance.
8. Carry on over the final cliff, with the war memorial at the top, and down onto cliff road, Borth.
9. Follow the road round along the sea front until you reach the lifeboat house, at the small white roundabout.

For bus times back to Aberystwyth, see here

For Borth train station carry on along the main street of the village until you reach the tourist information centre. At the tourist information centre turn right and the train station will be visible 200 yards ahead. For train times, see here

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