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Walking – Rheidol Valley Loop

rheidol valley Length: 7 Miles

Time: 2.5 Hours

Start: Rheidol Visitors Centre

Finish: Rheidol Visitors Centre

Rating: Medium

This walk provides stunning views of the Rheidol Valley, and scenic paths along the River Rheidol, including a chance to see the Salmon leaps in place at the water falls by the old lime kilns.

1. From the car park, follow the track through the gate up into the woods.
2. After approximately a mile, you should see a sign post, which directs you to a trail which descends down the valley back towards the valley floor.
3. Follow the trail down the valley, until you reach the road by the farmhouse.
4. From the farmhouse, follow the road to the left for around 1.5 miles. This makes up part of the Rheidol Cycle Trail.
5. Follow the raod until you reach a bridge on your right which crosses the River Rheidol.
6. Once across the river, follow the trail up the hill and round to the right along the lower edge of the trees.
7. This path then descends down into the field bordering on the river, passing the old stone lime kilns.
8. From the lime kilns, follow the trail across the field to the salmon leap. At certain times of year you may be able to see the salmon swimming upstream to spawn.
9. From the salmon leap follow the path along the top edge of the field, back towards the trees where it meets the main pathway.
10. Follow this pathway until you reach the road which crosses the damn to your right.
11. Cross over the damn, and follow the road around to your right past the picnic area, and you will see your starting point to your left.

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