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Ynyslas Popular with windsurfers and kite surfers alike, Ynyslas beach is located at the tip of the gorgeous Dovey Estuary to the north of Aberystwyth. With hude sand dunes, and vast areas of flat beach for everything from picnics to games of cricket this is one of the most wonderful beaches in Wales. It really is just begging to be explored, and the wooden paths through the dunes are a great way to see the landscape.

Because of its location it is not recommended that you swim in the estuary due to the presence of very strong tides and currents. The use of inflatables such as dinghies and lilos is not recommended.

During the popular months there is a charge for parking on Ynyslas itself, which goes towards the preservation of this delicate environment.

There are also several areas which are cordened off throughout the year as brreding grounds for birds and local wildlife. Snakes, rabbits and sand lizards also enhabit this amazing place. The eco friendly visitors centre has a wealth of information on the Ynyslas eco system and the local wildlife.

Please ensure you check and ensure you do not park your car too close to the water as the tide comes in very quickly, and sea water does not mix well with your cars moving parts!

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