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Pen DinasDid you know…….

The chimney that sits at the top of Pen Dinas to the south of Aberystwyth is actually not a chimney but a Victorian monument.

The monument was erected in 1852 and stands inside the Iron Age ring fort which dates back to around 400 – 300 BC, and was paid for by public subscription.

The monument was built as a tribute to Field Marshall Wellington, and his victorious campaign in the Battle of Waterloo. With this in mind, on closer inspection you will actually see that the monument was designed in the shape of a cannon.

The battle itself was fought on 18th June 1815 between the Anglo Allied forces, and the French Army under the command of Emperor Napoleon. The battle site itself now sits in present day Belgium, and saw the death of 25,000 of Napoleons men, with a further 8,000 being taken prisoner.

However, the building of the Pen Dinas monument was only prompted by the untimely death of the victorious Duke of Wellington, also known as Arthur Wellesley on September 14th 1852.

For a chance to get a closer look at the monument, the ring fort and to get unrivalled views of Tan Y Bwlch, why not follow our walk through the Pen Dinas nature reserve?

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