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Walks – Pen Dinas

walking aberystwyth Length: 2.5 Miles

Time: 1 – 1.5 Hours

Start: South Beach, Aberystwyth

Finish: South Beach, Aberystwyth (Circular Walk)

Rating: Medium

1. From South Beach, on the harbour side of the bridge, take the alleyway path between the houses, which is found near the old World War Two watchpoint, overlooking the harbour.

2. From the alleyway bear right following the road for 200 metres until you reach the wooden gate on your left, to Pen Dinas.

3. Go through the gate and follow the trail up the hill, as it climbs up around the edge of Pen Dinas.

4. When the trail curves around, so that you can see the Ystwyth valley going inland, follow the small connecting trail on your right, which takes you up to the top trail.

5. Once you reach the top trail bear left and follow the trail to the Wellington monument to take in the wonderful view.

6. Once you have taken in the beqautiful surrounding head back along the top trail in the direction from which you came, and rather than dropping down to the lower trail, continue to follow the top trail until you reach the back of the housing estate.

7. From here you have two option

a) Follow the trail furthest to your left, as it drops down Pen Dinas to take you back to South Beach.

b) Drop down into the housing estate, and carry on down the hill.

8. Once you have come through the estate and reached the main road opposite the Spar shop, bear left and follow the main road down the hill into Trefechan.

9. From Trefechan follow the signs for south beach to reach your starting point, as shown on the map below.

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