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Aberystwyth Mountaineering Club

climbing and mountaineering aberystwythThe Aberystwyth Mountaineering Club is the only club you will need to satisfy all your climbing needs!

The Aberystwyth University club welcomes climbers of all levels, whether you are a complete novice of a Sir Edmund Hillary in the making.

The club meets three times a week as follows at the Aberystwyth University climbing wall:

Tuesday – 6-9pm: – A session for all club members, where you can have the wall all to yourselves.

Tuesday – 5-6.30: – Ladies only club members session, although the wall is open to the public for some of this time.

Fridays – 7-9pm: – Another session for club members, where you can have the wall all to yourselves.

The club also has a number of trips to real rock faces in and around Aberystwyth and Ceredigion, and many of these locations can be eaisly reached by public transport if you have no car available.

The club is also open to suggestions for future weekend trips, and can be contacted by .

And don’t worry if you don’t have all the right equipment because the club has plenty in stock, to keep you safe on the rock!

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