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5 Free Things To Do In Aberystwyth

aberystwyth boredom curesWe all get bored once in a while, especially when were low on money.

It’s true to say that Aberystwyth is no exception to the rule in that respect.

But you just need to remember, there is PLENTY to do in Aberystwyth, so here are some of the best free things to keep you occupied.

1. Visit The Museums:

With a number of excellent museums and galleries in Aberystwyth which offer completely free entry, it is easy to keep yourself occupied whilst broadening your mind too.

The Ceredigion Museum has a huge number of displays and artifacts which show what life was like in Aberystwyth and the surrounding area in the past.

The Arts Centre and National Library of Wales also have some excellent free exhibits which change on a regular basis, ranging from arts and literature, through to local and world history.

For details of all the museums in Aberystwyth, please see our guide.

2. Take A Walk:

In Aberystwyth you’re surrounded by beautiful and vast expanses of countryside.

From rocky outcrops right through to wide majestic rivers and babbling brooks this area is full of wonderful places that remain relatively untouched by the human hand. It is this unspoilt beauty that makes Aberystwyth and Ceredigion the very special place that it is. You should take advantage of it while you get the chance!

Sometimes its just nice to take off on foot, and go wherever the paths take you. But if you want a bit more of a guide than that, see our walks section.

3. Get Down To The Beach:

Firstly, if you’re reading this in winter, you can almost definately bypass this one!

However, in summer the beach is the place to be. Lapping up the sun with a cold drink, and generally just lazing around on the sand and in the sea make for a pretty good day in my book.

And if you want to go somewhere quieter, there are a number of smaller bays and beaches dotted up and down the coast.

For more information on the beaches in Ceredigion, please see our beach guide.

4. Go Down To The Parks:

Some times the best days are those you just spend kicking a ball around with your mates in the park.

With plenty of open spaces and parks in Aberystwyth there is room for rubgy, football and pretty much every other sport you can think of!

And if you aren’t really a fan of ball games, then you can just as easily wander on down with a book, newspaper or just chill out with your mates and enjoy being alive in Aberystwyth.

For a list of local parks and open spaces in Aberystwyth, see our handy guide.

5. Become A Volunteer:

Here is a novel one which I never thought of when I was a student.

If you find you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, and want to meet new people, why not volunteer for one of the local charities.

They are great places to meet new people, make new friends and you can feel good about the fact that your time is going towards making a difference.

For a list of local charity shops you can see our guide to charity shops in Aberystwyth, or just keep an eye out for posters in local shop and house windows!

If you’ve got any other suggestions then let us know below and we’ll add them to the list!

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