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Fishing – Borth Rocks

Fishing Borth If you stand at Borth Lifeboat Station, and look towards the headland you’ll see an outcrop of rock, accessible at low tide.

To get to this excellent fishing spot, wait until the tide is about 3/4 of the way out, and then walking on the beach, follow the headland round and proceed out over the rock pools until you reach the waters edge.

If you’re looking for bait then make sure you bring a net. In summer this is an excellent place to catch large prawns which are a favourite of the fish in these waters. Small crabs are also available in abundance.

Fishing here is wonderful on a hot day, but make sure the waters aren’t too calm, and your clothes aren’t too bright. The sea bass on the shelf underneath the rocks won’t go for it if they can see you! Trust me, I speak from experience (or maybe I’m a bad fisherman?)

When fishing here you also need to be aware of the incoming tide. It is very easy to get surrounded by the tide on the rock outcrops when fishing at Borth. For tide table information, click

Caught much down here? Let us know what you got!

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