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Funding Boost For Penparcau Kids

flying start penparcauParents and young children across Penparcau are to benefit from a funding boost it has been announced.

The Flying Start initiative, which tackles child poverty in Ceredigion has secured further funding for another 3 years.

The money required to continue the projects excellent work has been earmarked in the Welsh Assembly draft budget.

Although a confirmation of the draft proposals is required, should it pass these measures then Ceredigion County Council will be receiving an extra £1.8 million over the next three years.

Flying Start was rolled out in the autumn of 2007 and looks to help the poorest children and their families across Ceredigion. Areas covered by the project include Llanarth, Cardigan and Penparcau in Aberystwyth which was identified as one of the counties problem areas with a large proportion of lower income families living in the area.

The project has so far concentrated on four key areas:

1. Health Visits:

Ensuring that both parent and child are healthy is vital. Ill health can leave you feeling tired, stressed and ultimately finding it difficult to cope. Addressing these problems and moving forward from them at an early stage again helps towards creating a more relaxed home life, and ensures that both parent and child are able to play together and enjopy life to their full ability.

2. Parenting Classes:

It is important to remember that no one really knows how to take care of a child until they have one. Whether it be some of the most basic skills, or tips and tricks to make bringing up a child just that little bit easier it all goes towards improving life at home.

3. Language And Play Or Numbers And Play Based Learning Programmes:

Early learning programmes help to improve a childs overall confidence, and allow their personality to develop. It also exposes them to other children, so that they get used to the concepts of sharing and generally just playing with one another.

4. Free Childcare For 2 – 3 Year Olds:

Allowing parents to take a break from parenting for a short while, whether it be to go for a coffee or to get some shopping is very important. It helps to reduce stress levels, and can create a more calm and relaxed environment at home for both parent and child.

Flying Start has been closely monitored since it began in September 2007 and the further funding announced in the draft budget serves as testament to the excellent results achieved so far by the programme.

As well as helping families directly, Flying Start has also been able to provide information to families about other related services provided in Ceredigion such as Family Centres, which has allowed the overall benefits to be spread further to other family members.

Lets just hope this excellent service keeps on delivering value for money going forward and makes a difference to the lives of many young people and their families across Ceredigion.

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