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Aberystwyth Freecycle

freecycle aberystwythFreecycle is a world wide network of people who give and receive unwanted goods.

The organisation looks to save perfectly good items from being condemned to the landfill, therefore benefiting the environment worldwide.

Most towns have their own local freecycle group, and Aberystwyth is no exception.

In order to join the group you MUST have a Yahoo account, which will then allow you to enquire about items, as well as offer items to group members.

Many people also post ‘wanted’ messages, where they tell other members what items they need. This is a great way to help the environment, save money and have a good old fashioned clear out at the same time!

There is a touch of etiquette to Freecycle, most of which you will find detailed on their website. However, please bear in mind that your first post to the group must be about offering an item. From then on, you can ask for and collect items from other members as and when you need to.

To join the group, or find out a bit more information please see their .

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