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Strict Planning Regulations May Scuttle ASDA Plans

asda aberystwythA bid to turn the now defunct Focus store in Aberystwyth into an ASDA has been derailed by the local council.

ASDA had agreed to purchase a number of stores including Aberystwyth from the Focus DIY group which went into administration recently.

However hopes of some supermarket competiton in the town were crushed after the council rejected the plans.

ASDA had applied for a licence which would allow them to sell groceries from the site, which currently only permits the sale of bulky non food items.

There were hopes that this would create more local jobs and as such stimulate the local economy, although there were also fears that the opening of another large supermarket would spell disaster for hard hit local businesses as more shoppers were lured away from their doors in search of lower prices rather than better quality.

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