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Brewery Under Fire Over Unsightly ‘Bae’

The Bay AberystwythThe Bay pub in Aberystwyth was once a hot bed of night time activity for students and local young people.

When it closed in 2009 the town and its residents lost a pub which was something rather unique.

Not only was it a cramped, sweaty and a bit shabby, it was also extremely endearing, fun and loveable.

The building was finally boarded up in June 2009, sealing in years of memories and good times had by many many people.

Unfortunately it appears that this has not been enough to stave off the rot, and with the condition of the building deteriorating the council are now looking at carrying out any necessary repair work, and sending a bill to the building’s leaseholder Brain’s Brewery.

The Cardiff based brewery has come under fire for allowing the building to remain empty, and the council has branded it an ‘eyesore’ on the towns popular seafront promenade.

In a statement Brain’s said that it had been exploring a number of opportunities with regards to investment in other properties in the town, and that it had been seeking to resolve the issue with the council.

The council has said that it will be in discussions with Brain’s about surrendering the lease on Y Bae, and I beleive it would be a welcome addition to the town to have a new seafront night spot in this currently defunct building.

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