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The last ever ship to be built in Aberystwyth was built back in 1881.

This event 130 years ago symbolised the end for the ship building industry in Aberystwyth, which until the late 1800s had been thriving until it saw a rapid and sad decline due to movement away from the seas to moving goods and people by rail.

For many years Aberystwyth’s harbour had been a small harbour, frequented by little more than fishing boats due to the presence of a large sand bar at the entrance to the harbour.

Once this sand bar had been removed access to the harbour for larger vessels carrying goods and people was made much easier and the ship building industry began to thrive, and at one point there was even a street called Ship Builders Row which housed many of the workers and their families, which was located just off South Road.

The harbour is now mainly used for pleasure and fishing boats, as can be seen when looking across the marina as it stands today, although at one time this placid and peaceful little habour was the centre of the towns economy, and many families lives.

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