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Two Local Businesses To Close

Aberystwyth Jobs Two well established Aberystwyth businesses have announced they are to close, with the loss of 10 jobs.

Aberystwyth has been hit hard by the recession, with all local businesses suffering as a result.

However these latest closures come as another unwanted blow to the town.

Both National Milk Bars (in the town since 1950) and Ambassadors, which has been well established in Aberystwyth since 1997, are to close their doors at the beginning of October.

Ambassadors have blamed a combination of the drop in overall trade, and the high rent and business rates in the town, which have left them with no choice but to close.

Surely it is time that local government stepped in to prevent Aberystwyth from becoming a business ghost town. It is less likely that tourists will want to visit a town of empty shops, and the long term tourism industry so crucial to the town could be affected.

Do you have any thoughts on what should be done to support local business? Please share your ideas below.

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