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Skeleton At The Castle

Aberystwyth Castle SkeletonIn 1649, Parliamentarian troops razed Aberystwyth Castle to the ground, so that all that remained would be what we see today, although significant portions of three castle towers still stand.

In 1988, an excavation dig at the castle found a complete male skeleton, deliberately buried in the castle grounds.

This was such an astounding discovery because it has always been rare that skeletons have survived in the acidic Welsh soil. It is thought that this skeleton was probably preserved in such an excellent state because of the addition of lime found in the soil, originating from the collapsed building.

Affectionately known as “Charlie” to the Aberystwyth locals, it is thought that his skeleton dates from the English Civil War, probably dying during the Parliamentarian siege of Aberystwyth Castle, and Charlie can now be found living in the Ceredigion Museum in the town.

The image of Charlie is also featured on one of decorative mosaics which can be seen from the promenade below the castle.

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