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Parking Problem Getting Worse Say Business Leaders

parking aberystwythBusiness leaders in Aberystwyth are blaming the council for the parking chaos which has apparently decended on the town.

In order to save money the council has axed its two parking wardens, and its new parking control scheme will not be operating for around a year.

It is claimed that in the meantime drivers in the town are taking advantage and causing problems for residents and businesses.

The local police still have the powers to issue motorists with a ticket for parking infringements, although it is argued that the focus of the police is not, and should not be minor parking offences.

Businesses have reported motorists blocking access for delivery vehicles, as well as parking on double yellow lines and junctions. Some of the most troubled areas include the very busy Pier Street and Terrace Road areas.

Although it is easy to see why motorists despise the site of parking wardens, and see the whole thing as a government cash cow this situation easily illustrates how a move from strict enforcement to lax police patrols can cause difficulties in getting around this small town, with its tightly packed busy streets.

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