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Borth To See Parking Restrictions Enforced?

parking restrictions borthThere are concerns being raised in Borth about council plans to repaint parking bays and enforce restrictions in the village.

For many years Borth has not been subject to restrictions despite signs and bays being in place, but this may be coming to and end in June when the council takes over parking enforcement in the county.

Local residents have reacted angrily to the move which would see many locals who live on the main street forced to park up to a mile from their homes in order to avoid a fine.

Although spaces are readily available during the winter months, during the summer Borth sees a huge influx of visitors as a popular holiday resort and parking spaces are at a premium.

Further to this the village offers little in the way of alternative parking to both residents and visitors alike, and many houses lack driveways or garages.

Fears have been raised that there will be a rise in the amount of speeding traffic through the village, where at present the many parked cars act as a traffic calming measure as vehicles are forced to slow in order to allow oncoming traffic to pass.

With the vehicles also providing cover for pedestrians who wait to cross the road in order to gain access to the beach from the centre of the village, there are also fears that without any crossing places to speak of the main street will become an acident waiting to happen during peak busy times.

All people who wish to raise their concern over the moves are asked to email council chief Bronwen Morgan (via ) or write to local paper the Cambrian News.

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